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My Addiction

About two years ago when I was a sophomore in college, my mom gave me a book called “The Measure of a Man” and said, “I gave a copy to your father for his birthday. Maybe you can read it and tell him what it says.” The book was an autobiography about Sidney Poitier, an actor both my father and I admired for his work in films like “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner” and “To Sir With Love.”

I let the book sit on the shelf for a few months until one day, when I decided to take it along on my daily commute downtown on the Max to my summer internship. As a young college student with absolutely no idea what I wanted to do with my life (or even what I wanted to major in!), this magical book enabled me to look at the blueprint to someone else’s life and just like that, my addiction to autobiographies and self-improvement material was established in hopes of ultimately creating a successful blueprint of my own.

By no means is this blog a detailed, clear-cut guide on how to be successful: As a college senior planning on graduating at the end of this term, I am still searching for a path to lead to a fulfilling and successful life. The purpose of this blog is to identify some of the tools that I have used since high school to help locate opportunities and optimize my potential.

My personal objective for the next 10 weeks? To be gainfully employed by the end of my last final exam in March. I’m confident that if I stick to my plan and use some of the tools that I will share with you in the coming weeks, I can land an entry-level job with a decent salary even in the worst economy in the last few decades.

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